• average growth rate of 45% year on year
  • team doubled in size in just 12 months
  • moved into new premises approximately 6 times larger

Simon Chandler, Founder and Managing Director, established CREAT3D in 2013. His goal, to provide Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions to help UK Industry embrace 3D printing. He explained that the company examines their clients’ existing manufacturing, design and engineering processes, before recommending where Additive Manufacturing changes can be made to save time, money and resources.
Their solutions help a range of businesses, from engineering, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing through to product design and consumer goods.

Making the most of every opportunity

Attending a Berkshire Growth Hub finance workshop, quickly followed by taking part in a High Growth programme, proved the turning point for this innovative, Berkshire-based company. Simon explained,

“The Berkshire Growth Hub has really helped us in two different ways: The first way is in terms of clarifying and helping us to confirm that the strategy we were on was the right direction for our business to be taken. Having the opportunity to take some time out and sit with an expert and discuss the longer term for your business was really invaluable.

The second was in terms of us being able to access impartial advice from someone who’s been there and done that, and their ability to give you a suggestion or an idea that you may never come across before.”

Business advisors who’ve been where you are now

Growth Hub business advisors have all started their own businesses and collectively worked in a variety of industries and sectors, which ensures they bring great value to the table.

Providing tailored help is one of the goals of the programme, and from what Simon has to say, it looks like that’s being achieved: “What was really helpful was that we were able to access one-to-one coaching mentorship advice. That really enabled us not just to work on a generic business plan, but to build things that were specific to us and our goals.”

The numbers speak for themselves

Since being part of the programme, in just 12 months the team doubled in size, the company moved into new premises roughly 6 times the size of their previous, and they won their first industry award.

And possibly the most impressive statistic of all, the business is now growing at an average of 45% year on year.

Exciting times

Simon couldn’t be happier. “The future of CREAT3D is looking really exciting. Our industry is growing. Our business is growing. We’re introducing lots of new products. We’re building some new services for our customers. And in the next 12 months we’re going to be doubling the team in size again. It’s exciting times.”

What’s next for CREAT3D?

Following their success on the High Growth programme, Simon and the CREAT3D team have been invited to join the Growth Hub ScaleUp Berkshire programme, to support them in their next phase of growth.

When asked for his thoughts on the support he’s received, Simon was enthusiastic, “I definitely recommend the Berkshire Growth Hub to anyone involved in a start-up or scaleup business, for the simple reason that there’s no downside to it.

You can access free, impartial, independent advice that’s going to add value to your business. And all you’re doing is giving a little bit of your time.

We would 100% recommend that people get in contact with the Growth Hub.”