• £10m company turnover
  • 100k people supported across the country

Solutions4Health is a 10-year-old, £10 million business on a mission to tackle health inequality and make a genuine difference to people’s lives.

Kishore and Leena Sankla became aware of health inequalities while working in the healthcare sector—Kishore at executive level in the public and private sector, and as an NHS non-executive board director, and Leena as a Public Health Consultant lecturing nationally and internationally on a range of public health issues.

With a keen desire to help the NHS, and the wider population, they established Solutions4Health in 2008. Today they’ve grown from just two people supporting 100 in Berkshire, to 450 people supporting over 100,000 across the UK, in 15 languages.

What are health inequalities?

Health inequalities are differences between people or groups (due to education, income, lifestyle, ethnicity, environment and language) that often result in those worst-off experiencing poorer health and shorter lives.

As Kishore explained, “Where you live can reduce your life expectancy by up to 12 years in the space of a mile. In the streets surrounding Grenfell Tower, it drops by 6-7 years within just 250 meters.”

Building relationships is key

Kishore noted that “Berkshire is an excellent place to grow a business due to the impressive talent in the area, and the geographical benefits of being close to London with strong transport links.”

“Being able to meet face to face with key decision makers is a definite advantage when setting up and growing a business, building relationships is vital.”

The local technical ecosystem is helping to take health solutions into the world of AI

Kishore explained how technology was helping them to expand and develop the business, “The entrepreneurial and tech ecosystem has attracted a deep and highly qualified talent pool to the area. This has allowed us to enhance our innovation, build our AI solutions, and deliver on a large scale so we can positively transform the lives of individual people.”

At the start of 2018 Quit with Bella launched, the world’s first AI powered personal stop smoking coach. After huge self-investment and 2½ years in development Bella is being rolled out in Durham, Oxfordshire, Royal Borough of Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead and Nottinghamshire Council and Swansea. Within just a few months of launch it is generating significant interest from Public Health England, is revenue generating, and most importantly helping people to change their behaviour.

Access to the right support and contacts

Support from local networks and organisations has been a great help. Thames Valley Berkshire Business Growth Hub helped us make essential business strategy and process changes, providing invaluable coaching and support as a sounding board which was helpful with decision making we couldn’t have got anywhere else.

Being part of Biz Utd enabled us to discuss opportunities, challenges, and share values that help us to deliver on our mission to tackle health inequality and make a genuine difference to the lives of people on a large scale.”

What does the future hold?

Kishore is looking forward to working with local innovation-led networks, such as the Innovation Catalyst, to expand their reach and stay at the forefront of technology that will help people to live healthier lives.

The NHS currently spends over £2.7 billion a year on treating smoking-related illnesses, but less than £150 million on smoking cessation.

With Quit with Bella on track to support more than 2 million people, it shouldn’t be long before Kishore and Leena realise their dream of reducing the stress on the NHS, helping people to manage and improve their own health and wellbeing.