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Structured marketing programs to rapidly achieve business goals

Insight is a Berkshire-based digital marketing agency, born in the late 1980s and growing to be a pioneer of technology in marketing right from its very inception. With corporate experience and industry knowledge we look at your business objectives and help plan and execute a digital strategy to help you succeed and grow, reaching new and expanding existing audiences. For over 30 years we have worked with local, national and international clients, who have gained such awareness that they achieved their directors’ objectives of growth and profit, and in many cases of being acquired by industry leading companies.

We provide the complete set of marketing services including web design, development, management and support, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media management, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, remarketing, social media advertising, virtual marketing management and marketing campaign consultancy.
We don’t just provide the services, we advise, plan and implement the complete structured marketing process, working with you, as part of your organisation.

Benefits to Scaleups

  • We’ve done it before, with fast-growing, aspiring companies, who have achieved their business goals through marketing, such as:
    • Butterfly Software – acquired by IBM after 2 year program
    • David Bailey Furniture Systems – increased website visitors by 300% and sales by 20% in 18 months
    • Contemporary Software – company expanded by 300% and were acquired by intelligence NTT Data
  • You don’t deal with wet behind the ears graduates, you deal with our directors, who understand the needs of growing companies and have years of industry experience to call on.
  • Because of our experience, you can leave us to get on with our agreed marketing plan, while you focus on managing your business and sales.
  • You want to grow your business quickly, our experience means that we’re quick to understand your company and your market.

Our fast start approach is underpinned by our knowledge and experience and deigned to move your business forward quickly and effectively.

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Mark Robson | Partner
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