Kirk Rice LLP

Kirk rice was first established in 1989. With offices in Thames Valley, North Hampshire and London Kirk Rice boasts an impressive range of clients including entrepreneurs, startups, SME’s, large corporates, multinationals and not for profit organisations.

Our clients are our main focus, and we appreciate that they will have different needs to our next client that walks through the doors. If you are starting out or a well-established company, we offer bespoke tailored advice that will prove vital to your business development.

When running a business, you focus on operations, employees and daily tasks. However, in order to grow your business, you must take a strategic and proactive approach in all areas maintaining a constant focus on your business’s future and goals.

Our teams, work closely and proactively with our entrepreneurial clients to grow their business by planning, forecasting, measuring and reporting for the future. We work with them to provide better information enabling them to achieve their business goals.

Growing your business by setting goals, optimizing your back office, improving your numbers, motivating your workforce and implementing strategic marketing campaigns can be overwhelming. The foundation of it all is your numbers and having financial data at your fingertips in order to make better strategic decisions.

We can satisfy your tax and audit compliance requirements but in addition, our outsourcing department provide financial information you can rely on to make informed decisions. Compliance ensures the things that need to be done are done. Reliance provides actionable financial intelligence at your fingertips to make data-driven decisions.

At Kirk Rice we go above and beyond bookkeeping and accounting. We provide critical oversight and account management to ensure the proper implementation of policies, procedures and systems, and the accurate production of financial and management reports.

Kirk Rice’s Business Services include:

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