Peer Networks Programme

Peer Networks is a new peer-to-peer networking programme designed exclusively for Berkshire-based SMEs that was launched in October 2020.

Delivered fortnightly through nine facilitated two-hour online group sessions, diverse cohorts of business leaders from SMEs across Berkshire will team up to collaboratively work through their business challenges and opportunities. Together with our expert facilitators, your cohort can help input into your business plan to build for future success, and help you create a trusted support network that works for you.

In addition, an expert business adviser will provide an additional 3.5 hours of dedicated, one-to-one support, advising on how to build and strengthen your business and improve overall performance.

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What can I expect from the Programme?

Our trained facilitators will be covering topics based on your current challenges and opportunities, including finance and HR, marketing and management, COVID-19, EU transition and much more.

You will be supported in discussing your own challenges and opportunities, gain and reflect on valuable feedback and implement practical and optimal solutions.

Each participant will receive 9 two-hour high-impact group sessions with:

  • Flexible topic selection
  • Interactive action learning
  • Trained facilitators
  • Small, relevant groups

Plus, 3.5 hours of one-to-one business support with an experienced adviser.

Who is eligible for the programme?

Peer Networks is designed for business leaders who want to grow and develop their organisation for future success.

The Programme is available to any small or medium-sized business in Berkshire that has:

  • Operated for at least a year
  • At least five employees
  • An aspiration to improve
  • A turnover of at least £100,000

Is there any cost to my business?

The Programme is fully funded, which means there is no cost to your business.

Meet our facilitators

Mary-Louise Clark Jane Dowsett Sarah Holden
Jenny Plaister Carol Whitaker

Register for the Peer Networks Programme is now closed.

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Contact details

Julian Mobbs | Programme Manager
07467 911817