Levelling the playing field for British business owners

The UK has some of the finest entrepreneurs in the world, however an unfair funding model heavily weighted to benefit the banks is restricting their potential to grow. UK businesses deserve better, so we created a new way to support their growth ambitions.

Our funding model bypasses the banks by connecting institutional investors – with billions of pounds to deploy – directly with growing business in a fairer, more transparent way.

ThinCats is growing quickly. So far, we have funded UK businesses with more than £550m with a further £700m of lending capital currently available.

We offer secured term loans from £1m up to £15m across all sectors excluding property development. 

Funding areas we specialise in

Growth Finance to support expansion
Changes in business ownership : Acquisitions, MBOs, MBIs and EOTs
Refinancing to free up cash and reduce debt payments

What makes us different

  • Our network of Business Development Directors and credit experts are on hand “in region” to help business owners and their advisers shape a finance structure bespoke for their needs.
  • Our risk models have been built specifically for the mid-sized sector meaning we have the most comprehensive database in the UK for assessing the financial strength and future prospects of growing businesses. Banks often deem growing businesses to be higher risk than our models would indicate.
  • We are keen to share our data insights so that business owners can see how to improve their credit ratings and compare their financial performance with similar businesses in their industry.
  • 70% of our funding is structured through cashflow lending which suits many businesses that don’t have significant physical assets to offer as security.

Businesses that we have funded recently

General lending criteria

Contact details

Stuart Thompson – Director, Regional Business Development