DIT recorded webinars

A selection of past DIT webinars are available to view. Follow the recordings below.

UK Covid-19 Recovery: Government Support for International Business in the UK (July 2020)

The fast changing landscape of eCommerce 2020; what it’s taught us with Linnworks & TymeOnline (July 2020)

Redefining your international proposition in challenging times (July 2020)

Selling food & drink products directly in China via e-commerce with InfinityBlue (July 2020)

Choosing the right global marketplaces for your business with Rich Insight (July 2020)

Set up and sell successfully on marketplaces – an introduction for B2C and B2B with InfinityBlue (June 2020)

Selling services overseas – during and after COVID-19 (June 2020)

Selling your food & drink products directly to US customers via e-commerce with InfinityBlue (June 2020)

Growing your online sales with Wayfair in Europe and the US (June 2020)

Managing Agents and Distributors during COVID-19 – for experienced exporters (May 2020)

Managing disruption of supply chains during COVID-19 (May 2020)

Risk management when considering new markets (May 2020)

Routes to Market (May 2020)

Managing overseas agents and distributions during COVID-19 (May 2020)

E-commerce and selling opportunities in Singapore and ASEAN countries (May 2020)

Reach new customers, clear excess stock & build brand awareness in international markets with Showroom Prive (May 2020)

Best practices to uplift international online sales in light of COVID-19 with Global-e (May 2020)

Scaling your brand during COVID-19 Using direct-to-consumer strategies & analytics for e-commerce with Activ-8 (May 2020)

Keeping your brand community & customers engaged with minimum budget during COVID-19 with Duel (May 2020)

Reach billions of shoppers in over 40 countries with Fruugo (May 2020)

How the e-commerce landscape has changed Actionable tips to help you navigate the COVID-19 crisis with Channel Advisor (Apr 2020)

Learn how you can optimise your cash flow to support your international e-commerce business growth with Sellers Funding (Mar 2020)

Be the first to sell online with newly launched Amazon Netherlands (Mar 2020)

Developing a Direct-to-Customer E-Commerce Approach to Reach Customers in New Markets with InfinityBlue & Gardenex (Mar 2020)

Japan – Selling online with Amazon JP in 2020 (Feb 2020)

Crossing the Atlantic: All about ecommerce in the USA with Amazon.com and DIT USA (Jan 2020)

Reach millions of customers in Italy with e-Price (Jan 2020)

Reach up to 21 million consumers a month with Real.de (Jan 2020)

Expert advice and information international SEO to attract visitors from overseas for e-commerce with BDB (Jan 2020)

Grow and own your brand in New Zealand by reaching over 4 million new customers with Themarket.com (Oct 2019)

Increase your customers satisfaction rating to boost online selling with Trustpilot (Sep 2019)

Reach the New Zealand online shopping population with TradeMe.co.nz (Jul 2019)

Expert advice and information on selling online to Singapore and ASEAN markets (Jul 2019)

Discover new e-commerce opportunities with Amazon Australia and DIT (Jun 2019)

Increase your selling with Amazon as a gateway into Europe and get expert advice on tax (May 2019)

Find out how you can reach 29 million customers in France with Fnac Darty (Apr 2019)

Reach 38+ million Customers with Newegg Global (Apr 2019)

India: Tap into the worlds fastest ecommerce market with Flipkart (Feb 2019)

Reach 8 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium with Bol.com (Jan 2019)