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How Horizon 2020 funding will be affected.

How Horizon 2020 funding will be affected.

Horizon 2020 is the EU’s main programme to fund science and innovation. UK researchers, universities and businesses will be able to continue to bid for Horizon 2020 funding after the UK leaves the EU, including in the event of a no-deal EU Exit. In a no-deal EU Exit,...

The business finance guide

Access to the right kind of finance at every stage in your growth journey enables businesses to invest, grow and create jobs. Download The Business Finance Guide The British Business Bank and ICAEW’s Corporate Finance Faculty, and partner organisations representing...

Busting scale-up jargon

Tech is notorious for inventing and rebranding concepts, with snazzy new lingo. Our jargon-busting start-up glossary details the worst and most frequent offenders. Dog food, unicorns, hockey sticks Explore the scaleup glossary

Open Banking’s common myths

Open Banking handed ownership of financial account information and data from the bank or building society to the customer, however, several myths exist; ⟶ Common myths about open banking SOURCE: UKTN 16/07/2019

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